YouTube SEO: Strategies to Rank Your Videos on Top

YouTube SEO

We heard, you have opened you first YouTube channel ? But there are not desired subscribers and watch time? We know, you are here to learn about YouTube SEO: Strategies to Rank Your Videos on Top, and that’s what we are here to help you with. Ranking your videos above others is a difficult task, but with the aided YouTube SEO strategies it can make life easier.

YouTube has come a great way into offering money earned from advertisements to the video publishers. Many of the publishers, over the years with their consistency on uploading the videos, and creating attractive content for the viewers, have become full time Youtubers. For example PewDiePie having 111 million subscriber till today has ranked on number one in the USA for the best content creator. Likewise, when someone is new to YouTube, is it necessary to understand the basic rules of YouTube SEO to gain more views and subscribers, that way in no time, YouTube will start paying for your hard work. Following are the YouTube SEO: Strategies to Rank Your Videos on Top.

YouTube SEO: Strategies to Rank Your Videos on Top

1) Exact keyword

Using exact keyword in the video title or the description can help your video rank on the top. Proper title with the exact keyword and detailed description of content of the video can earn you viewers and subscribers respectively.

2) Identify your audience

Identifying your exact audience is the key to earn more subscribers. The requirement of the viewers shall be matched with the content of the video, that way the more searches viewers will do, the video will appear on the top.

3) Promoting the channel

Promotion of the channel by means of other social media can be helpful in reaching at larger audience. Promotions are always paid, and prices differ from country to country. Keep in the mind that, even if you promote your channel, people will not subscribe unless you make it attractive.

4) Avoid referring to the relatives or friends

When you create your new channel, you ask your friends or relatives to subscribe for your channel. But in reality, they will only subscribe and won’t further continue to watch any videos. Referring to the audience who have similar interests is more beneficial.

5) Be consistent

Posting videos on regular basis is a tactic to rank your videos on top, as the search engine will show videos posted recently on top.

6) Earn trust of the viewers

Earning the trust of the viewers is a crucial part by creating engaging videos. No language should be used to create any violence or provide any personal views unless asked. This way, the viewers will have a trust in you and turn themselves into regular ones.

YouTube SEO is similar to SEO ranking, where you search for the exact keyword, find the right audience and similar things. Other than SEO strategies, some general understanding shall be followed to reach more people out there in the world. It is also necessary to create interactive videos by asking the viewers to reply in the comments.
In many cases, it has been observed that, once you earn sufficient watch time, and the views to start posting videos irregularly. People will also unfollow such YouTube accounts. To become a YouTube content creator and ranking the videos on top is not an easy task. Moreover, you shall also observe the similar content creators to know what they are posting, at what time they are posting, their way of engaging people into their videos, their unspoken strategies and much more. Not only YouTube but also, other social media where your competitor’s rank, you shall observe their content. This way, your videos can stay on the top, and appear always on the first number after landing on the Youtube’s search page.
YouTube can be a great source of incomes unless proper SEO strategies are applied. Youtube is free to use and has a wider access over the world than any other social media. Belive us, following the above mentioned strategies with consistency are definitely going to help you become a full time youtuber in the coming years!

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