Different ways twitter offers to discover content

Discover Content

Twitter being one of the most used social media networking platforms as well as a blogging network is improving its UI to let users have a flawless experience to surf on Twitter. It is adding different ways to discover content. Among all the competition, it is also rolling out various features in beta phase. Today, people are giving more preference to Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Different ways twitter offers to discover content

  • Twitter is using signals to get access to discover content.
  • The signals can be included as different posts a person has liked, different topics and accounts being followed etc…
  • A new way to discover content on twitter is now you can see ‘You might like’ option on top of the screen or simple a whole new tab named as “explore tab”
  • If a person is no longer interested in seeing any post, he can hide that post by clicking on ‘not interested” option Topic menu.


The hyper competitive world is making all the social media accounts to improve the user interfaces so that, more people will create accounts. After all, every social media such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram their main focus on social networking. But every social networking site has its own features which makes them stand out from each other. And time to time, it is necessary to update the database and such UI to gain more markets.

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