Top 5 Strategies to add backlinks


In the world of digital marketing, referring to different businesses is beneficial for both of the parties. Unlike, traditional marketing, modern marketing includes different internet tactics to improve your business quality and increase the traffic towards the business. This is an easy way to  This includes different inbound links. In order to help you know more, we are here to expand the topic showing the top 5 strategies to add backlinks.

What refers to Backlinks?

Backlinks is an another word to inbound links. This refers to adding internal links to text, images or videos in order to simplify the browsing. Let’s see an example, We would like to talk about Amazon which is offering its services in Dubai. Did you see that, we have added a link to the word amazon, which is computer is identifying as a inbound link. If you click on the word Amazon, it will lead you to the specific website, the word has been assigned. In such a way, you can add such links to the images and videos also. In many of the cases, adding links to your website, can help you earn commission. For example, Amazon’s associate programme, offers handsome commission when you suggest a product using special link offered by the amazon. Moreover, there are some strategies which can help you increase the clicks on backlinks.

Top 5 strategies to increase backlinks for your website

A) Create your own brand

Creating your own brand, can be useful for bloggers or content writer to add links to your website easily. The better image you have in the market, the best backlinks you can earn worldwide. Wherever the blogger is he will mark your website which will increase the traffic to the website.

B) Increase awareness

Increasing the brand awareness automatically increases the earning capacity of the backlinks. The trust which any brand has increases its awareness once different promotions are done using backlinks. The content which is written has a ability to be visible worldwide, therefore having inbound links in such cases can be helpful in reaching on global level.

C) Be creative

Adding visual and inbound links can be extremely useful for increasing traffic towards the website. People are more attracted towards the graphical representation rather than lengthy and informative blogs. If you have your own website, you can link you social media accounts using attractive social media logos.

D) Streamline the content

Keeping the old content for years and not even updating the links may result into loss in reader’s interest. The blog, or any other relative thing should be updated on regular intervals. It should be also check whether the inbound link is working or not. Updating the websites on regular intervals can also help you achieve SEO goals as to trending the website on top of search engines.

E) Offer commission

When land a successful business, and a better brand image, people expect you to pay them a commission for referring the audience your product/services. Just as mentioned earlier, amazon has its own associate programme with the help of which you can earn a passive income. The more you provide better services in term of commission the better are the chances to earn backlinks.


There are many unseen technological developments which can help you to go from zero to hero.  Just an example considering this blog, referring other websites on your website is useful considering the people engagement and increasing the traffic towards the website. The meaning to digital marketing is not limited to marketing has it has many aspects which can develop a business in a certain way. We can say, backlinks is a form of mouth to mouth publicity but using internet.

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