We just started our business using social media analytics and…

Social media analytics

Now days, digital marketing is leading a different level of business. Not many years ago when nobody would have imagined selling products/ services on online platform. On the other hand, social media were meant to be only for social purposes. Till 2010, people used it for meeting new people over the world. Today, we have social media analytics to manage our business. As you know, one of our clients informed us that We just started our business using analytics and… the company experiencing successful days after a long!

What are social media analytics?

Social media analytic are measurements to grow the business using social media. It involves detailed information about the market, customers, their preferences, their lifestyle, social media campaigns and many other things. Whereas social media analytics are helping in deriving the information from the users worldwide. Companies can simply upload their research questions using google forms and let the audience fill it up. This way using social media analytics, companies can perform basic market research.

How can you keep a track?

There are hundreds of analytical tools (Google analytics) available on the internet today which can help in measuring the data. Moreover, keep an eye on the competitors, analyzing the behavior of the customer towards any particular thing, or engagement of the customers with the company, total views, average retention number, all together this, provide a company an insight into on which position the company is performing. Keeping and track does not always mean to use any heavy paid software, simple analytics can be useful.

Benefits of social media analytics

  • Improves companies’ business
  • Technological developments in the process
  • Increase in the brand awareness
  • International reach
  • Increase in customer trust and brand image
  • Improved retention rate


Digital marketing involves social media management in which analytics helps to manage the business. Technology is changing the future of marketing, therefore more than 50% of the businesses today have turned their traditional marketing into digital marketing. Having a presence on social media built a different level of trust between the customer and the company. Thus, let it be a small scale industry or big scale industry, online marketing is utmost necessary to run the business and stand in the competition.

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