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Recruitment is the process undertaken by employers to identify, attract, nurture and hire candidates for employment. defines recruiting as, the process of actively seeking out, finding, and hiring candidates for a specific position or job. The recruitment definition includes the entire hiring process, from inception to the individual recruit’s integration into the company.

Staffing is the process to employ the right contestant to the job profile issued by the employer

According to HRZone, Staffing is an umbrella term that describes the recruitment, onboarding, training, and positioning of workers within an organization so that the organization is efficiently and effectively filled with productive people. Staffing is a significant part of the HRM function and includes the maintenance of high standards and effectiveness in current employees as well as new employees. At the strategic level, staffing also includes succession planning for senior positions.

The key difference is staffing is a management function and recruitment is part of staffing.

Importance Recruitment and Staffing

In the current times, Covid has impacted the global hiring process. Global recruitment agencies are affected by it. Employers face the challenge of staffing job applicants from home. The pandemic has created a sense of insecurity in minds of job seekers, the aspirant prefers to work either from home or prefer fewer people in the working environment. This has led to an increase in the rift between demand and supply.

More job seekers are interested in permanent work-from-home opportunities. New working environments are produced; work from home, workstations, Work from anywhere, job seekers are more interested in flexibility, freedom, and work-life balance that office environment provides.

To address and resolve the challenges caused by the covid, the recruiters need to be constantly updated about the job market and market trends. A thorough research and appointment services in the hiring process leads to time saving and efficient recruitment process, and also cost-effective by avoiding hiring the wrong candidate.

The significance of recruitment and staffing

  1. Helps in uncovering the right talent for the organizations: with a properly structured hiring process, the right job seeker is provided with the chance for the job
  2. Optimize Human capital management: After the right candidate is short-listed for the interview, a structured evaluation process is carried out to determine the value the job seeker will provide to the organization.
  3. Cost-effective: Optimise human capital management will save the cost of on workforce by avoiding the cost of hiring and training the wrong candidate.
  4. Decrease in mistakes that an organization makes while hiring candidates.


Process of Recruitment and Staffing at EXR Consultancy Services

Staffing And Recruitment

EXR Consultancy services assist our clients’ local recruiters, by identifying the candidates ready for the vacancy. We work on the Indian day shift, hence, we are ahead in researching aspirants for a job that puts our clients in lead to their competitors. We give our clients end-to-end appointment services for hiring candidates.

With our immense database, application tracking system, and our team rigorously working on multiple monitors to derive data from multiple sources and present genuine leads for the job offer.

We utilize the Iplace resume database and Daxtra,  an aggregator that enables our sources to simultaneously capture candidates from numerous job boards.

Contact us to know more about our work on Direct Hire and contract jobs, Vendor Management System Recruitment.

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