Qualitative Data Processing

EXR consultancy Services have a pool of highly skilled and experienced Recruiters, Moderators, In-depth interviewers, Mystery Shoppers and Observation specialists to undertake complex qualitative market research projects with ease

We Provide A Full Spectrum Of Qualitative Market Research Services Which Includes:-

  1. Focus group recruitment and discussions
  2. F2F
  3. Telephonic in-depth interviews

What Else We Do In Qualitative Research

In addition to conducting end to end qualitative research we also provide stand-alone services such as

  1. Development of Focus Group Recruitment screener questionnaires
  2. Development of Discussion Guides
  3. Respondent recruitment for FGDs & In-depth Interviews
  4. Moderation of Focus Group Discussions and In-depth Interviews
  5. Transcription services
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