The Ultimate Guide to Paid Ads - Part one, Google Ads.

A blog that explores google ads., one element of Paid ads that helps to market your business.

As the business finalizes the digital strategy, the next step is setting up the ads for promotion. It is no secret that Google plays a pivotal role in any firm’s digital marketing and promotions. Google ads are off-page SEO and one of the paid ads campaigns used by the companies.

To elaborate our point further, let’s look at the statistics:

In 2020, Google ranked first for the most visited multi-platform web platform in the US, With a market share of 61.4 percent among the leading US search engine providers.

In 2021, the worldwide market share of Google was almost 88 percent.

Around 90 percent of users use the internet to search for business information. And 72% of users prefer to find merchant information on an internet search. And finally, around 30% of users search about local businesses every week.

Unlike previous years, the 90s empowered the customer with real-time information. With the majority being mobile users, they are more informed, curious. And also, with modest attention, with avg time spent on a page is less than a minute. Hence, your promotion should be engaging, crisp, simple, and attractive to users.

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What are Paid ads by Google?

Are you considering investing in digital advertising?

Then it is essential to invest in the right place.

Yes, you guessed it right, Google!

As discussed previously, Google is the largest search engine used in the market. There are around 260 million unique visitors and 5 billion daily interactions.

Woah, Look at that!

Imagine the pool of opportunities a business can utilize. You sure don’t want to wait on it, will you?

Digital marketers use two key strategies while promoting the business online. These are Organic advertising, and another is Paid advertising.

Organic advertising:

This campaign’s primary aim is to attract users’ attention via content. The content is user-friendly, simple, entertaining, educational, and valuable to the users. Plus, Marketers research data on user interest which helps them with keyword and framing content. The content writer integrates the researched keywords into the content, Which helps crawlers to identify your content with relevant keywords and key phrases. Keyword planner from google ads is a tool that generates keywords.

HubSpot recommended examples of Organic Advertising are:

Unpaid social media posts.

Blog posts

Guest posts

Email newsletters


Online PR and link generation


Paid campaigns promote your organic content and divert traffic to your website.

Paid advertising:

Google ads are the most utilized Paid advertising platform used by digital marketers. It is a marketing channel that comes under Paid Per Click model. Here an advertiser pays per click or impression on an ad.

With the help of paid advertising, ads rank at the top search results on SERPs.

Google ads have many options which you can configure your ads in a way that displays when users search for similar products. Hence, your ads campaigns reach your audience at their convenience.

There are various types of google ad campaigns, and each campaign caters to different business goals.

Different paid ads by Google:

1) Search ads:

Search ads are the text ads that appear below the search bar on SERP. It helps you reach your users when they search for terms similar to your offer. Search ads drive leads to your website when they actively search on the browser. You can also target specific audiences.

Consider search ads when:

  1. a) Boost your online sales and sign-ups.
  2. b) Consider using leads if you have a longer sales cycle
2) Display Ads:

Display ads are visual ads that attract the attention of your audience. They display on users’ browser tab, apps., websites and YouTube. Display ads are a great way to leave an impression on the minds of your audience even after exiting google search. Also, you can create data segments that allow you to view those users who have watched your ad.

Consider Display ads for:

Increase reach

Create awareness and consideration in audience minds

Engaging CTA to drive business sales

3) Video ads:

Video ads let you run your video ad. on websites and YouTube. Such Ads create awareness also drive conversions of your business.

Reasons to choose Video ads are:

expands your reach

Create awareness

increase sales and leads by selecting the “drive conversion” campaign subtype

4) Product listing:

These ads appear on SERP and google product lists. It is a shopping campaign that promotes products available in the warehouse.

Consider Product listing for:

Retail sale of your product

Increase sales and marketing

Promote sales of your physical store

App campaigns ads:

These ads display on various mobile apps. It helps you to find new users and increase sales from the app. It uses users’ information from the app and optimizes ads across various mobile websites and apps.

Consider this ad campaign when:

App promotion

Multi-channel marketing

Are you confused about which ads campaigns will suit your business?

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Still not sure whether or not to use google ads?

Then consider this:

Google is the most used search engine, which means users search for answers to the queries. Even your competitors are using paid campaigns to run their ads. So, Your organic campaigns will rank below their paid campaigns. You surely do not want this. Use paid ads strategy to boost your organic content as well as promotions.

And that’s a wrap.

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