Elements of Web Development

Web Development

Over the course of the decades, many trends vanished but one trend which sustained in these decades was the internet. Internet was started in 1960 by the government as means to share information. From accessing from an idle computer to access from mobile and dial-up boxes to 5G, the internet has come a long way. In fact, Statista states that in January around 4.66 active users which are 59.5 percent of the World population, out of this 92.6 were active mobile users. Hence, web development came into fruition. 

News, podcasts, product launch, games, you name it, and the internet will have all answers. Once a term is typed on the Google search engine, you will be redirected to the web pages listing links to the word searched on the search engine.

But what is a Web page and how is it listed on Google? Well, it is managed with web development. In today’s blog, we will discuss Web Development in brief.

The lets start with the Element of Web Developments

Elements of Web Development

Website: Webpage is a document which is displayed on browser and collection of such pages connected in various ways is called a website. Basically, a website is files stored on a server by the host, and these servers are connected to a giant network of servers which is World wide web.

IP address: IP is a unique set of numbers that identifies the device which is connected to the internet and uses Internet Protocol for communication. Two principal functions of IP address is to host and network interface identification, and location addressing.

HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is a set of rules that defines how the messages should be communicated on the internet. HTTP acts as a translator between the host and a server, ensuring the host and a server speak in same language when they interact on the internet.

Coding: Coding is a system of symbols and alphabets that works to represent instructions for host and servers using programing language.

CMS: Content Management System is an application to create and manage content uploaded on the web.

Web development is optimization of the website and activities related to the websites. It is building and maintaining the of websites, and can range from building a plain static website to intricate web applications like e-commerce, social network and more.

Types of web development

Front-End Development: Front end development works on userface websites and applications, what the user can see on the browser. It designs as per the client’s requirement.

Back-End Development: Back-End development works on database, servers, operating systems, APIs, securities. It is behind-the-scenes activities of the website to ensure front-end activities function smoothly.

Website Development: Website development includes front-end, back-end and also full stack development. Developers are specialised in building websites.

Full Stack Development: Full stack development works on both front-end and back-end of websites. They use different technologies that handle different functionalities of websites.

Embedded Development: Embedded development works on various devices other than a computer like IoT devices, real-time systems, etc.

Security Development: Security development works on building methods and procedures to eradicate security risks.

Importance of Web Development

With maximum users spending time on internet, average time spent on a website by a user is not over 45 seconds. It is necessary for a website to be user friendly, interactive and informative. Social media has now become a place where business can promote and sell their products and services.

Reliability: A fully functional website with complete information looks like a reliable website. A website is a presentative of an organisation in the virtual world. The credibility of a business depends on the website in the digital world.

Connectivity: An excellent website increases the connectivity of the business with its customers. Responsive website design will be accessible on a range of devices like smartphones, desktops, tablets. It also increases website traffic.

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