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Courses For Digital Marketing Certification In The UAE

Our digital marketing training program is designed to assist you in earning one of the 15+ Globally Recognized Certificates, including Google, HubSpot, and many others.

Master The Use Of Digital Marketing Tools

Discover 50+ free and paid digital marketing tools that you can use to simplify complex tasks or analyse your competitors’ strategies

Digital Marketing Course Eligibility

The manager is in charge of comprehending the nature of the market and developing marketing and branding strategies that boost sales and elevate the value of the brand. The manager must oversee a team and carry out the marketing plan.

Business Owners

College Dropouts


Job Seekers

House Wife

Working Professionals

Graphic Designers

Part-Time Workers


Website Developers

Curriculum For Classroom & Online Digital Marketing Course With Placement In UAE

Digital Marketing Overview

• Digital Marketing Introduction
• Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
• Digital Marketing Channels
• Digital Marketing Scope & Career

Graphic Creation

• Introduction To Canva
• Creating Logo
• Creating Social Media Post

Social Media Optimization

• What Is Social Media Optimization
• All Social Media Account Optimization
• Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Quora.

Keyword Research

• What Is Keyword & Keyword Research
• Tools For Keyword Research
• How To Use Keyword Planner
• Types Of Keywords

Quora Marketing

• Introduction To Quora Marketing
• Types Of Ads (Quora Ads)

Search Engine Marketing

• Introduction To SEM
• Concept Of PPC, Bidding Strategy, Ad Setup, Keyword Analysis, Dynamics Ads, Quality Score Ad Rank

Discovery Ads

• Introduction To Discovery Ads
• Bidding Strategy
• Audience Targeting
• Creating Discovery Ads

SMS Marketing

• What Is SMS Marketing
• Benefits Of SMS Marketing
• Types Of SMS
• Reporting

Google AdSense

• What Is Google AdSense
• How To Apply For Google AdSense
• AdSense Policy

Blog Creation

• Understanding Blog & Post
• Creating Post & Pages
• Customizing Theme & Setting

Video Creation

• Introduction To PowToon
• Creating Animated Video
• Creating Presentation Video

Google Algorithm

• What Is Google Algorithm
• Impacts Of Google Algorithm
• List of all Google Algorithm till date

Social Media Automation

• What Is Social Media Automation
• Tools Used For Social Media Automation
• Schedule Post & Connect Social Channels

LinkedIn Marketing

• Introduction To LinkedIn Marketing
• Types Of Ads (LinkedIn Marketing)

Online Display Marketing

• Introduction To Online Display Marketing
• Bidding Strategy
• Understanding Ad Group
• Creating Ads

Growth Hacking

• Introduction To Growth Hacking
• Case Study Of Growth Hacking

WhatsApp Marketing

• Importance Of WhatsApp Marketing
• Benefit Of WhatsApp Business
• Setup Of WhatsApp Business

Affiliate Marketing

• What Is Affiliate Marketing
• How To Apply For Affiliate Marketing
• Strategy For Affiliate Marketing

Interview Preparation

• Interview Question

Business Website Creation

• Introduction To Domain & Hosting
• Introduction To WordPress
• Installing Themes & Plugins
• Creating & Designing Pages

Introduction To SEO

• What Is SEO
• Types Of SEO
- ON Page SEO
- Off Page SEO
- Technical SEO
- Local SEO

SEO Techniques

• White Hat SEO Techniques
• BlackHat SEO Techniques
• Gray Hat SEO Techniques

Social Media Calendar

• Creating Social Media Calendar List
• Monthly

Twitter Marketing

• Introduction To Twitter Marketing
• Types Of Ads
(Twitter Marketing)

E-Commerce Marketing

• Understanding And Creating Shopping Campaign
• Creating Merchant Center Account
• Adding Product To Merchant Account

Content Marketing

• Understanding Content Marketing
• Types Of Content Format
• Creating Dynamic Content

Drop shipping

• What Is Drop shipping
• Understanding Drop shipping Concept
• Case Studies Of Drop shipping

Google Search Console

• Introduction To Search Console
• Submitting Sitemap
• Submitting International Targeting
• Understanding Organic Performance

Mock Test

• 1 On 1 Mock Test

E-Commerce Creation

• Understanding
• Installing
Woo – Commerce
• Product Listing
• Store Setup Setting

Video Optimization

• Video Optimization Introduction
• Video Ranking Factors
• YouTube Studio Video Setup

Competitor Analysis

• Introduction To Competitor Analysis
• Tools For Competitor Analysis

Lead & Traffic Generation

• What Is Lead
• Methods To Generate Traffic
• Landing Page Optimization
• Understanding Thank You Page

Influencer Marketing

• What Is Influencer Marketing
• Case Study Of Influencer Marketing

Video Marketing

• Introduction To Video Marketing
• Bidding Strategy
• Audience Targeting
• Creating Video Campaign

Online Reputation Management

• What Is ORM
• Importance Of ORM
• Review & Complaints


• What Is Freelancing
• How Freelancing Works
• How To Quote Client
• How To Get Clients
• Creating Freelancing Portfolio

Google Analytics

• What is Google Analytics
• Real Time Traffic
• Audience
• Actuations
• Behaviors

Client Pitch

• Client Presentation

Application Creation

• Introduction To App
• App Types & OS
• Creating App Using Appypie

Voice Search Optimization

• What Is Voice Search
• Introduction To Voice Search
• Voice Search Ranking Factors

SEO Audit

• On- Page SEO Audit Reports
• Off- Page SEO Audit Reports

Facebook & Instagram Marketing

• Basic Facebook & Instagram Ads
• Introduction To Ad Manager
• Types Of Ads
(Ad Manager)


• What Is Remarketing
• Benefit Of Remarketing
• Creating Of Remarketing Campaigns

Mobile App Marketing

• Introduction To App Marketing
• Bidding Strategy
• Creating App Campaign

Email Marketing

• What Is Email Marketing
• Creating Subscriber List
• Creating Template
• Reporting


• What Is Blogging
• Topic Selection
• Formats Of Blogging
• Monetization

Resume Building

• Creating Resume
• Portfolio Building

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We Here At ECS Believe In Personal Attention To All Of Our Students, Past, Present, And The Ones Who Approach Us To Get Started With The Course. So In Personal Interaction With The Tutor At Our Institute Or A Phone Call, Communication Takes You Through The Complete Prospectus Of Our Digital Marketing Learning. Once You Are Part Of ECS, A Personalized Online Study Material With Live Classroom Session Gets You Started With Your Course.

An Average Of 4-5 Hours Of Practice Daily Over Your Theoretical And Practical Coaching Of
Regular 2 Hours At Our Institute Will Help You Become Efficient In Implementing Your Study,
Further Allowing You To Put It To A Practical Effect.

It Is Not That Much, You Can Be Any One Who Is A Graduate And Is Well Versed With The 
Basic Computer Knowledge. A Business Owner Looking Forward To Taking His Business 

After the IT industry, digital advertising is booming in UAE. Over the duration of time, the groups have diagnosed the capacity within side the diverse digital advertising innovative strategies. Businesses are seeing the blessings of digital advertising on the internet and virtual channels over offline advertising. In the digital era, people who own on-line advertising abilities and know-a way to increase the advertising method in line with the enterprise requirement, know-how the conduct of goal audiences have a tremendous digital advertising profession and scope in UAE.

We Organize Our Batches In A Way, Which Allows Each Of Our Students To Come Together In Small Groups Of 6-7 Students, Hence A Personal Attention To Each Of Their Queries And A Personal Assistance.

If You Fail To Attend Any Of Our Classes, You Can Attend One Of Our Rolling Batches That Are Teaching Something You May Have Missed In Your Unattended Class Previously. For More Help On The Same, The Tutors Are Always There To Personally Help With Your Queries And Questions.

Yes We Do, Online Study Materials Will Be Provided To You In Form Of PDF, PPT Or Doc.


Knowing Programming Languages Is Not Necessary At All To Opt In For A Digital Marketing Classes In Pune. The Terms Itself Explains Everything, As One Doesn’t Requires Programming Understanding Instead, Should Be Sensible Enough To Understand How The Marketing Works And Then Should Have Creative Capabilities To Manoeuver Ideas That Can Be Applied To Marketing Being Done Digitally.

Advanced Digital Marketing Course In Pune Is About 80 Hours Program. Duration Depends On Course You Opt For

Our Belief System Solely Works On Personal Attention And Fun Learning Culture. This Is The Core Motto Of Our Teaching Practice, Which Has Been Designed Around Intensive Study Structure, Interactive Learning Curriculum, Practicing Case Studies Of The Present Times Most Innovative Marketing Strategies, Guest Lecturers Headed By Industry Professional And Hands On Practical Application Of You Learning.

Yes, You can. We Also Allow Online & Distance Learning For People From Other Cities, Just One Of The Perks Of Digital Marketing Courses In UAE with ECS .

With Multiple Module Programs Being Taught, Each Does Have Evaluations At Every Stage And To Prepare For The Same Regular Assignments Are Expected In Almost Every Session.

Each Module Consists Of A Certain Learning And Thus To Move Ahead To The Next, We Do Conduct Evaluations And Exams On Each Level.

In Case The Students Have Any Doubts, They Can Contact The Institute Between 10 a.m to 7 p.m And Get Their Doubts Sorted Out. Our Institute Is Always Willing And Ready To Help Our Students.

Job & Certification

Yes We Do Provide 100% Job Placement Support By

Creating Your Portfolio & Resume

Preparing You For Interview (Mock Practice & SoftSkill).

Providing You Interview Calls & Details Until You Don’t Get Placed

Lifetime Membership Of Job Support Group.

The average salary for Digital Marketing Specialist is AED 6,000 per month in the Dubai.

You Can Get 17 Certificate Based On Your Knowledge

1 Certificate From PIIDM (ISO Certified)

15 Certificate From Google (Online Exam)

1 Certificate From Hubspot (Online Exam)

*We Train You And Help You To Get Online Certificate From Google & Hubspot.

*Note – We Also Provide You Internship Certificate Based On a Live Project You Complete.

Yes, We Do Provide Internship. There Are Two Ways To Do

While Learning You Can Work On Our Live Project And Opt Internship At Our Own Company. Even You Will Get Internship Certificate From (Pashium Web Solution Pvt. Ltd)

After Course Completion We Will Provide You Internship At Our Placement Companies List.

1 Certificate From ECS (ISO Certified)

15 Certificate From Google (Online Exam)

1 Certificate From HubSpot (Online Exam)

*We Train You And Help You To Get Online Certificate From Google & Hubspot.

*Note – We Also Provide You Internship Certificate Based On a Live Project You Complete.

Business / Entrepreneur

The world is getting ​​Digital​​. Why not us​. ​Digital by the word we get a glimpse of what it is. Nowadays every field is growing through Digital way

The True Benefit Of Digital Marketing Is Its Reach, Using The Internet Its Growth Isn’t Limited To A Local Region, City, State Or A Country, It Goes Beyond That On Global Front. With Having Multiple Avenues, Globally The Scale Of Any Business Which Practices Digital Form Of Marketing Can Fly Around And Make A Mark.

This Course Could Prove A Great Asset To Your Online Business, Since In Today’s Day and
Age, Taking A Step To Establish Your Market Online Could Lead Not Just To Regional Potential
Consumers, But The Digital Reach Can Go Up To Global Levels And Can Attract Other
Business Opportunities Too. To Attain This, Our Course Guides You Through Some Extremely
Strategic Ways To Built Your Brand, Make You Learn From The Present Online Market
Dominating Portals And Other Case Studies To Finally Put You Other Their Practically Using
Your Websites By The End Of Your Course To Kick Start Your Business With A Boom.

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