Why Cybersecurity is important for your business?


A short discussion on cybersecurity, types, and precautions companies needs to consider.

Have you faced a situation where your data is suddenly formated? Or, when you click an anonymous link you notice bank deductions? If both of them are yes, then you are not alone. Over 80% of Indian online users fall prey to cybercrimes, followed by the USA which counts to 61%. Common types of cybercrime reported are encounters with malicious software or unauthorized access. And Cybersecurity is the solution to it right now.

Internet focuses on anonymity. Hence each user has a right to protect and not share their data. And the world of social media is in contrast to that. Therewith each engagement users share some of their personal information via games. You might be thinking I just played a game of my lookalike, how have I shared my information?

If you have noticed Facebook asks your authority of using your basic account info before any game. With a lookalike or personality game; the AI is able to deduct your interest, age group, etc.

Cloud database stores this information and shared it with analytics for better targeting. Coming to the point, Cybercriminals are a lot more creative and are better informed. There are many ways your data can be captured and used by these people.

In today’s blog, we will discuss how cyber security will play a vital role in the Digital world. We will also cover different types of cybercrimes. And precautions an organization has to take to safeguard themselves.

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Importance of Cybersecurity

The Internet provides convenience to various tasks by automation. You can create and update datasheets, design creatives. You can also share your thoughts and exhibit your artwork on social network platforms as well as your website. It helps in increasing your promotion on a real-time basis. And at the same time, there are equal amounts of risks involved. The users are exposed to the threat of data breaches, hackers, cyberbullying, Phishing. Cyber securities are extensions and software that provide protection against it.

Types of Cybercrimes

Below are the cybercrimes a user need to be aware of:

1) Malware: This technology or software developed to cause damage to the device. The most common type is Virus.

Other types are:

  1. a) Worm– Software that reproduces and spreads from computer to computer.
  2. b) Trojan– Disguised as a type of program the user would install that causes damage to the device.
  3. c) Virus– Implants a piece of malicious code into the program. Which forces it to take malicious actions against the user’s computer system.
  4. d) Spyware– Spies on users and gathers information from their computer systems.
  5. e) Ransomware –  Infects a network or steals confidential data then demands ransom for safety.

2) Phishing Attacks – Cybercriminals design this in such a way that, once users take the bait, their information is stolen from them. Usually, email is the most used method in phishing attacks. Sensitive information such as passwords, credit cards is the likely information targeted here.

3) Social Engineering

“Hello, sir,

I am ______ from the company, we wanted to verify your information for the KYC process. Can you share with me some info?”

If you get any call with this script, do realize it’s a con. Why would a bank contact you for the KYC process over a call? Max, they will call you to the bank to verify the details. This type focuses on manipulating people to gain details from them.

4) Denial of service– The data centers are flooded with large amounts of data to slow down the system.

Cybersecurity Measures

1) As safety measures do remind people to:

  1. a) Stay away from suspicious URLs coming from spoof advertisements, emails. Avoid using personal details.
  2. b) Change your password after some periods, it is advisable to change it after a month. Never use any initials indicating your personal details.
  3. c) If its office, keep your personal browsing to your phone,
  4. d) Backups and updates
  5. e) Lock your devices if its unattended
  6. f) Ask your IT manager to create a contingency plan for threats, protect information. And finally, respond to incidents and recover data from them.
  7. g) Use Cyber security softwares that protect against such attacks by identifying and securing your device.

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