10 Best Ways to Promote Your Local Business on Instagram in 2023

10 Best Ways to Promote Your Local Business on Instagram in 2023

Promoting your local business on Instagram can be an effective way to reach a wider audience and attract more customers. Here are ten best ways to promote your local business on Instagram in 2023:

1.Optimize Your Instagram Profile for Generating Business Inquiries:


Optimize your profile to maximize visibility and attract potential customers. Select a clear profile picture, craft a captivating bio, and include relevant keywords and hashtags to improve searchability.

Your Instagram bio holds a prominent position at the top of your profile, offering a valuable opportunity to make a strong impression with a concise and impactful description of your brand. With a limit of 150 characters, it’s crucial to create an engaging bio that sparks curiosity and entices potential customers. Moreover, the bio is the only space where you can add a clickable link, making it a valuable asset for driving business inquiries.

2.Analyze Your Instagram Follower Growth:


Gaining insights into the growth of your Instagram followers is vital for developing an effective promotional strategy for your business. By understanding how different types of content impact your follower count, you can tailor your approach to capture audience interest. Utilize Instagram Insights, available to business or creator accounts, to delve into your account’s performance and acquire valuable information about your followers.

Instagram provides instructions on how to view insights. Please note that you must have a business or creator account to access these insights.

3.Utilize High-Quality Visual Content and Instagram Stories:


Share visually captivating photos and videos showcasing your products, services, and behind-the-scenes moments. Utilize high-resolution images and consider investing in professional photography to make your content stand out.

Leverage the power of Instagram Stories to engage your audience with behind-the-scenes footage, limited-time offers, product demonstrations, and customer testimonials. Incorporate stickers, polls, and interactive features to encourage audience participation and interaction.

4.Expand Your Instagram Reach with Strategic and Local Hashtags:


Hashtags play a crucial role in enhancing discoverability, similar to keywords. To broaden your business’s reach on Instagram, it is advantageous to focus on local hashtags, which are location-specific keywords. For example, if you own a coffee shop in San Francisco’s Bay Area, incorporating the hashtag #CoffeeShopBayArea can help you connect with potential customers in your vicinity. While broader hashtags like #Coffee has a wider reach, utilizing location-specific ones increases your chances of reaching users who are more likely to convert.

Incorporate location-based hashtags that are relevant to your business and community. This helps local users discover your content when searching for businesses or events in their area.

5.Collaborate with Local Influencers for Instagram Branded Content:


Instagram defines branded content as any content that showcases or takes inspiration from a business partner in exchange for value. This value can come in the form of financial compensation for the content creator or the provision of free products or services. Irrespective of your account type, it is crucial to tag your business partners in all branded content to adhere to Instagram’s guidelines.

To begin, identify influential individuals in your local community who align with your brand. Collaborate with them to promote your products or services through sponsored posts, reviews, or giveaways. Influencers can significantly enhance your reach and credibility.

6.Engage with Your Audience:


Promptly respond to comments, direct messages, and mentions. Demonstrate genuine interest in your followers’ feedback, questions, and concerns. Building a strong relationship with your audience fosters loyalty and encourages word-of-mouth marketing.

Your captivating photos or videos, accompanied by clever and compelling captions, should not be limited to a single share. Cross-post your content on other social media channels to increase engagement on Instagram and raise awareness of your brand on various platforms.

For example, if you aim to enhance engagement on Instagram, consider sharing your Instagram content on Facebook or Twitter to engage users who may not be active on Instagram. 

7. Utilize Instagram Ads Featuring Branded Content


On Instagram, content creators have the option to collaborate with business partners to promote their products. When a creator produces branded content in partnership with a company, they can grant permission to turn that content into an ad. Alternatively, creators can create branded content ads that don’t appear on their profiles. Apart from direct boosting, you can also create branded content ads through Meta Ads Manager.

According to Instagram, the benefits of branded content Instagram ads include:

  • Creators maintain full control over their content.
  • Access to organic and paid insights.
  • Increased reach.

It’s important to focus on creating meaningful partnerships rather than simply reaching out to any available influencer. Instagram highlights that branded content ads are 25% more effective when the brand and creator are a perfect fit.

8. Implement Instagram Best Practices for Businesses


Instagram is constantly evolving and introducing new features that allow consumers and brands to connect. For businesses, this means that the strategies that worked in the previous quarter may no longer be effective. In addition to being socially aware, here are some timeless techniques that should remain central to your Instagram strategy for business:

  • Set clear goals: Identify your objectives for using Instagram for business, whether it’s engaging with your audience, driving sales, or building brand awareness.
  • Time your content strategically: If you want to make the most of your content, adhere to optimal posting times. We emphasize this because of its importance.
  • Maintain brand consistency: Be careful not to portray a different brand persona compared to your website and other social media channels.
  • Utilize product tagging: For eCommerce businesses, Instagram Shopping provides free tools to facilitate conversions. If you haven’t already, it’s a great opportunity to set up shop.
  • Embrace Reels: Short-form videos are currently dominating social media, and Meta states that you can reach 675.3 million users through ads on Instagram Reels.
  • Share user-generated content (UGC): UGC holds more influence over consumers’ purchasing decisions compared to content from brands or influencers, as it comes from fellow consumers.
  • Consider working with an Instagram marketing agency: An agency can assist not only with content creation but also in connecting you with the right influencers.

Invest in targeted Instagram advertisements to reach a larger audience beyond your existing followers. Instagram’s advertising platform allows you to define specific demographics, interests, and location parameters to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

9.Monitor and analyze your performance:


Regularly analyze your Instagram insights to understand which posts, hashtags, and strategies are generating the most engagement and driving results. Use this data to refine your approach and improve your promotional efforts.

Remember, Instagram is a dynamic platform, and staying up to date with the latest trends and features is crucial. Continuously experiment, adapt your strategies, and keep an eye on what your competitors are doing to stay ahead in the game.

10.Determine the Optimal Times for Posting Your Instagram Content


While we previously suggested increasing your content production, it’s crucial not to mindlessly churn out multiple pieces of content whenever possible. To maximize the impact of your Instagram content, practice social media awareness by identifying the best times for posting. 

However, it’s still recommended to assess what works best for your business. Industry standards serve as a guide, not hard rules. Your business can achieve results in unique ways specific to your brand.

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10 Best Ways To Promote Your Local Business On Instagram In 2023

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