What does working hours in UAE say about?

Recently Inter nations expat insider of 2022 declared UAE to be the first country to rank for improved career prospects. Which employee doesn’t want this? Every hard working employee Is always looking forward to acknowledgements, career growth, financial stability, satisfaction and more important work-life balance. Ever wondered What does working hours in UAE say about?

Random thought

For offices, it took the year 2020 to declare the work from home option even for the entry level employees. Before the year only top level executives were allowed to work from home! But does work from home provides satisfaction? Yes! Many big brands have mentioned that work from home has increased the productivity. But what does it have to do with over time? As per the news, there were some companies to took advantage of this and made employees to work overtime without any pay. An employee with outstanding performance even though never receives a promotion but always expects a monetary benefit. But considering the UAE, it has the most amazing employee laws that every country should follow.

Laws for working hours in UAE.

  • Employees in the company should be allowed to take break which may be exceeding more than a hour.
  • Employees must not work continuously for 5 hours.
  • If employee is granted with a work from home wish, the employer shall let him work within considerable time only.
  • If an employee has multiple jobs, he may not necessarily work more than desired hours unless agreed by the employee.
  • UAE labor law states that average working hours for private sectors should be 8 hours or 48 hours a week
  • Employers can ask employee to work for overtime basis until it is not exceeding 2 hours in a day.
  • If an employee works overtime he is entitled to receive 25% more amount of basic of hourly wage.


What a relief after reading this blog! Right? Having such employee benefits is a benefit for the company as this may result into employee retention and increased brand image. If companies take care of the employees, then employees take care of the clients. In normal world what do we see is, employers forcing employees to take care of the clients. Employees are like diamonds for the company, if they are taken care of, company’s success will be commendable.

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