Welcomed new visitors in Expo city Dubai for the first time after its reopening

As it was already announced that, Expo city Dubai was planned to reopen for visitors on 1st September 2022. And yes…. Welcomed visitors in Expo city Dubai for the first time after its reopening. But what people were saying about it? Do they find it good or bad? It is fully open? Take a look at the blog and think of Habibi come to Dubai!!

What are the reviews?

As per the reports, the expo city Dubai has partially opened its area for the visitors. 1st September 2022, it was said that the Sustainability Pavilion and Alif- mobility Pavilion was initially opened on Thursday. As it was the first day after its announcement in 2020, there was a huge crowd gathered for experience the time of their life. Alif and Sustainability pavilions are said to be open from 10:00 hour to 18:00 hours having DH50 entry ticket to each separate pavilion. However, for people under age 12, and people with special requirements are offered free entry to both the pavilions. Other pavilions such as, Vision pavilion, women’s pavilion, Al Wasl plaza and Surreal water experience are planned to open from 1st October 2022. The rotating observation tower is also set to open in coming days with DH30 for experiencing an entire rotating view of Expo City Dubai from above 55 meters. Tickets for the same can be purchased through Expo city Dubai’s official website or the ticket counters at the location.


Even though technology is stepping into the world, huma being a determined to create skyscraper so that he can reach the height and experience something which he has never experienced before. This is a beautiful chance to visit Expo city Dubai they have already welcomed new visitors for the first time after its reopening and FIFA world cup is coming soon. Then why to wait? Get a Hayya card, watch the FIFA world cup 2022 and spend some time in Expo city Dubai.

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