Ultimate Guide to Product Development

A blog about how to get started with product development.

If you are a startup or an entrepreneur, you probably have an idea about your product development process. It might be software or hardware. You have a vision of what your product should do and how it should look, but you have no clue about what is next. Should you sketch your ideas? Should you build a prototype? How can you ensure that you get a return on your investment? Is there a better way to kick-off a project?

The Ultimate Guide to Product Development is a blog that contains a start-to-finish guide of the product development process. It will answer all your questions and give you a general idea about what you should do next.

Suppose you generated an idea of a product or service to launch into the market, and did research about it but found it difficult to create a product to launch into the market. Product development engineers are those technical experts whose thought process starts where others finish. Read along the blog to understand how we can help you to bring your idea and vision of your product into fruition.

To understand product development, first let’s overview the concept of the product.

What is a Product?

A product is any tangible item, goods or a service that is offered for sale.

Gartner.com defined a product as,

“ Product (digital Business): A product is a collection of business capabilities valuable to a defined customer segment. A product may be just software and data. Alternatively, it may comprise any combination of software, hardware, facilities and services, as required to deliver the entire product experience.

A product may be a repeatable service (for example, a subscription service); or it may be a platform (one-sided or multi-sided).”

A software can serve both, as a product that provides a solution to the B2B requirements and needs or a service that optimizes the product that a B2B client may have.

Product Development

Product development is a step by step process to create and develop a new product or improve an existing product that will deliver output and services as per client requirements of B2B business. The customers for the product can be internal as well as external.

With new product development, parties involved in the product get in detail ideas about the planning process, execution of steps involved, and outcome of product generated with respect to customer requirements.

We deliver custom software products by taking care of the software development cycle and we solve complex business problems at a budget cost.

Some services we offer in Product development are Application development, Web development, Mobile Applications and tools such as CRM and Data Management.

4 step life cycle of product development:

Product development goes through a 5 step life cycle, which will follow as:

Ideation: The first stage of the development life cycle is the ideation stage. Here ideas that will fulfill the customers requirements are brainstormed, Mind Mapped, discussed in focus groups and SCAMPER model is also used  by the experienced product development professionals aiming to deliver Customer centric solutions.

Research: Once you have the vision of your product the next step is understanding the consumer needs, requirements, and market trends and acceptance. This step plays a pivotal role in forming the base to develop the product which will adhere to the market and customer wants, needs and requirements. Product idea and vision goes through the Product validation process; which will ensure that people are willing to buy the product that you are going to offer.

Prototyping: Next step in the product development process is designing a blueprint of the product you are offering. It includes mock up, prototypes which match the product that you envision. This step is necessary for both of us to know whether the product development engineers understand the vision and functionality of the product. Our engineers are equipped with all necessary tools and knowledge to develop a product.

Framework: Different frameworks are used to approach a product development process to achieve and develop a precise product that a client has envisioned.

  • Agile framework is implemented to make new updates and releases available to the customers every week; for example security updates, firewall updates, privacy updates.
  • Design thinking framework is implemented to innovate a product inspired from consumers point of view, mainly focussing on customers interests, desires and requirements.

Product Development Process

Once you approach us with your idea, our team immediately works increasing the success of your product vision into creating a product that adheres to your vision and current market trends.

We follow a 4 step product development process.

  1. Conceptualization: Our first step in product development commences with conceptualization of your product idea. Our team works on defining product features, functionalities, requirements.
  2. Development: The next step is followed by our team helping the B2B clients to transform ideas and insights into software solutions, while designing and modeling we ensure to take care about your user’s experience to develop tangible software.
  3. Testing: Our quality analyst team works to ensure the functionalities and performance of the end product is optimum. By using automated tools, we ensure the product we deliver is reliable and secure.
  4. Support: Our support is available to you 24/7,and our support team will keep any product updated without any downtime on the products.
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