Is UAE providing multiple-entry tourist visa for FIFA World Cup ticket holders?

Multiple entry visas are a bless to every individual out there. It provides easy access to each country. If you hold previous visas, you are eligible for multiple entry visa. According to every country, rules and regulations differ. But Is UAE providing multiple-entry tourist visa for FIFA World Cup ticket holders? Yes!

What is multiple-entry tourist visa?

Let’s say, if you have travelled to a country multiple times in the span of 2 years. Each time, you followed a lengthy procedure to obtain a visa. According to the rule of the visiting country, you are now eligible for multi-entry visa, which means a multiple entry visa has a long validation period, in which you can directly pack the bags and visit the country say for 3 months and comes back. In all this activity you don’t need to follow any process to obtain your visa. Once certain criteria are met, which differ from country to country, you are eligible for multi entry tourist visa. In case of UAE, tourist can stay up to 90 days and moreover, they can extend the days of their stay without leaving the country.

What are the benefits of multiple-entry tourist visa?

People attending, FIFA world cup which around the corner happening in Qatar 2022, have been blessed with multiple entry visa for the duration of 90 days. The eligibility for this category is for Hayya card holder. If you want to apply for multi entry visa, you can visit Dubai’s federal authority website and follow the instructions. Benefits which allows multiple entry visa holder are, he can freely fly to the particular country without applying for the visa. In some countries you are allowed to increase your period of stay. The visa you receive has a longer validation than the normal ones.


Whether you are going to attend a FIFA world cup or just going on a vacation with family and friend, multi entry visa always comes in handy. It is just like going to your hometown’s nearby when you plan a day before and leave the next day. But keep in mind that, if you break any law in foreign country your freedom of multiple entry visa is gone forever. Therefore be in limits and enjoy your unlimited international vacations.

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