Simple ways to find UAE jobs in private companies

Even though UAE is a hub spot for business portals, it also has big companies providing millions of job vacancies every year. As an international job seeker, it is difficult to find a job outside boundaries. Many people have no idea from which website to apply for such jobs. It may happen that, people get fooled with fake job advertising agencies. Therefore, before applying for any job, check the authenticity and look out below for simple ways to find UAE jobs in private companies.

Simple ways to find UAE jobs in private companies

1. Government portals

Government portals with ending webs address in. ae are the official websites of government of UAE which posts authorized job vacancies which can be applied by locals and international job seekers. On such websites government as well as private jobs are available.

2. Social networking site

Social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook also have many job opportunities posted every day. Considering Facebook, there are many groups created by people for people for such job opportunities. In such case, It is extremely important to look out for any fake job offers offered by unauthorized people having accounts on Facebook.

3. Job fairs

Job fairs having around UAE are extremely beneficial, as there’s a direct contact between the recruiter and the candidate. If you are a person living in UAE don’t miss out on such wonderful opportunities. As competition in UAE jobs seeking world is very tough, if you miss the golden spot, you miss the chance.

4. Direct websites

Direct website refers to company’s official websites where you can find recently posted job opportunities as per your preference. Now a days, you can also upload your resume on such websites, and if there’s a match a person from the company will call you to change your life. This is an easy way to access a UAE jobs at your favourite company.

5. Recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies in local area or on the international level can help you land on an interview. They play the role of a consultant where companies approach the agents to find a perfect employee for them. And then the agents come looking for you. It is like a match made in heaven!


When we say there is rat race in the market, but it is not only limited to company and their competitors. Competition is everywhere in any field. Today job seekers face a lot of issues while approaching for any job vacancy. Therefore, we are presenting you with a wonderful opportunity to work with a Dubai based company. Check out the flyer below and apply to get a chance to change your life.

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