Tips to become UI Designer without any Experience

Have you ever seen those guys wearing hoodie on their head and completely engrossed in their work? Yeah, normally they appear in the movies but not in the real life. They are the ones we are talking about! Let us tell you a secret (whispering) you can become a UI designer even though you have no experience! Do you wanna know how? Go through this blog; Tips to become UI Designer without any Experience and let us know your ideas.

What is UI design?

User interface is a process of designing initial view of any interface like any e- devices or any kind of machines. The UI design must be designed in a way that has maximum usability. Let’s say, when you login to the laptop, and the visuals you see are the formats of UI design. It has the ability to guide you for sliding the windows from opening apps between one to another. There are three types of user interfaces where users are able interacts with the designs. Voice controlled user face (Siri/ Alexa), virtual reality user interface (Harry Potter and Pokémon Go)and graphical interface (virtual presentation on the any device).

Who is UI designer?

A UI designer is a person, who designs all the visuals required to run the machines, it can include but no limited to, animations, typography, colours, visual design, accessibility and much more. UI designer’s job comes under creative segments. The person who designs, must possess creative mind and an ability to design various forms without repetition.  Look at the tips below you if are thinking to change your career as UI designer even having no experience.

Tips to become UI Designer without any Experience

1) Apply for online courses

Websites such as Coursera are more focused on to educating the people worldwide. They have variety of UI design delated courses with cheaper rates and are globally issued globally recognised certificates. They provide online education, which is accessible with mere laptop or mobile devices.

2) Watch videos

Watching informative videos provided on YouTube are free to access. Moreover they are self-paced and provide detailed information about any kind of courses. Only drawback of watching free content is, you do not get a chance to earn any kind of certificates which are sharable during the job interview, unless you have few samples of designs made by you.

3) Increase the portfolio

Even if you are not a certified UI Designer or do not possess any kind of certificates, you can still apply for the job on the basis of portfolio designed by you. Now a days recruiters are more looking into the skills rather than the certifications

4) Approach professional UI Designer

There are many people out there, who can teach you UI design even from your home. Spending time with such people increases the knowledge and the ability to be become a sufficient UI designer.

5) Starr thinking in a designer way

When your thinking capacity turns out to be creative, it gives a better chance to improve UI design related skills and abilities. Understand the various designing software with which you will be working on,  is a necessary step towards becoming a professional UI designer.


Job requirement for UI designers has increased over the period of last 5 years. This is a logical as well as creative job. Competitors in the market for all kinds of companies have increased, therefore, to maintain the supremacy, it is the job of a UI designer to maintain the user interface attractive. Increasing the brand awareness is also in the hands of the user interface designer. The design which will be published worldwide, including logo is going to be remembered by the millions of people. It gives you a chance to shine above your competitors. Even from the far away people will recognize the logo your company has! This is the success rate of the creative UI designer.

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