What is System Integration?


As the world is becoming digitized and automated, businesses are opting for software that automates, manages, stores, and organizes the data to increase the efficiency of a business. Thus different applications with different functionalities are used to perform an activity with the help of System Integration.

System Integration is a process of forming a single system infrastructure of different components and subsystems to allow the main system to achieve all functions required by the business. In short, this is an activity of connecting different components of hardware and software to form and function as a single system. The main focus of system integration is to automate and reduce manual work of data upload, storage, and management to increase the productivity of the business.

In this blog, we will also discuss different types of system integration, the need, challenges faced by system integration, and the role of system integration concerning business.

Types of System integration

Enterprise Application Integration

We understand the business requires different applications or software for various functions of a business. And these software’s work independently and are not connected. Our enterprise application integration integrates databases and workforce of business applications to the main business system. Enterprise Application Integration links Business applications with the business process to simplify, automate the business process as enterprise applications are not configured to share information. Enterprise Integration is a framework where these applications are linked together for the free flow of information without changes in the framework of applications or main systems.

API Integration

Application Interface Integration is a process of linking various applications and devices by application interface for free flow data and application interaction, basically acts as a messenger between applications and systems. Application interface authorizes interaction and data sharing between two applications. API is an essential part of the digital world and also automates various business processes. For example when shopping online each time you click or add a product to the cart you interact with API.

Data Integration

It is the collection and organization of data from different sources in a single set where users can access from any device with the process of extract, transform, cleanse and load the data. Data integration is required as data can be collected in millions but the data required by the business have to be properly categorized. For example, when you search for a product on google a web page opens with links to websites, advertisements, and videos with its data. Data integration helps the business understand customer’s queries and also helps to create a customer persona.

Challenges Faced by System Integration
  • Choosing the right tool.
  • Variety of operating systems.
  • Legacy systems become obsolete by original manufacturers.
Need of Systems Integration in B2B

B2B businesses use different software and applications that work independently with their database storage. The software generates unique data which are not aligned with other software and applications. The software does not communicate with each with their information and rules and hence it becomes distressing for businesses to have multiple storages of databases and conduct manual work for the software. System integration works as a middleware where these applications interact thereby reducing the workload on business.

By system integration, the individual applications can automate, align, manage the data and execute the task effectively, which saves time, increases efficiency, and reduces operational cost.

Role of System Integration 
  • Work as a mediator between different software and applications.
  • Reduce errors
  • Save operational cost and time
  • Reduce storage and storage costs by having data in a single location
  • User friendly
  • By having data in a single place the business can analyze the data efficiently.
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