Surveys which can help accelerate business

Establishing a business and having presence on the internet is not enough to grow your business. You shall understand the feedback from the audience and make the changes accordingly. Unless you give a chance to the customer to speak, they are never going to support your brand. What a customer ever wants? A company who listens to their needs. There are different types of surveys which help you to know the position of your company. Following types of surveys will accelerate your business deals in no time.

What are surveys?

Surveys are the queries made to the customers in the market using any kind of form which offers feedback for the companies in search of knowing the position of the company. The questionnaire is extremely easy to answer but offers quality information. A set of market researchers analyse the given answers by the set of customers, the final output shows the results whether company is in favourable position or not. But, surveys are not always cent percent true, as the customer tend to answer those for the sake of answering. Following are some majorly used surveys which can aid in accelerating the business;

A) Surveys conducted over the phone

Many times, we receive calls from the companies asking us to provide a feedback about their products or services. This kind of surveys provide best possible result as they are conducted over a phone with genuine person having unadulterated assessment.

B) Surveys conducted on the desk

Most often, when we go to famous hotel or restaurant and place an order at the desk, they ask us to provide feedback on a machine with simple questions with Yes or no answers. In these surveys answers are given on the spot after placing the order. The experience during the process is fresh in the mind thus, customer provides honest feedback.

C) Surveys conducted online

Surveys conducted online are also effective surveys among all of the other ones. They include pop-ups, emailer, promotional messages asking for feedback or social media feedbacks and much more. But, Many times, it is not possible that the person attending it will give any feedback and he will just close the window and shift to another work.

D) Surveys conducted via Email

Email surveys are less responsive in nature. It is possible that, email could bounce back or the person just never reads it. But mostly, the world is using email method for communication, people tend to provide proper feedbacks with call to action button.

E) Interview surveys

These types of surveyors are most common and effective surveys. They have full visibility to body language and facial expressions while these are conducted face to face. Companies manufacturing cars or bikes, can be example of these kind of surveys.


It is essentials for the companies to accelerate their business on mass level as to grow their command over the market. Surveys are essential even if you have created a monopoly in the market for the products or services you are offering. Answers to the conducted surveys are not always genuine, therefore it can impact the final data, but at least it gives you an idea where you lack or what consumers are expecting from the company. There are some possibilities that, out of 100 only 25 people answer the questions. Out of which 10 people give factual answers and other don’t follow-up. The feedbacks received from those 10 people are going to strengthen the bas of the company as it will be providing the expected outcomes.

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