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A blog on marketing strategies on social media.

Loved the Amazon advertisements on social media?

Are you confused about how you can use marketing strategies on social media?

Read along with the blog that explores the importance of social media, marketing strategies utilized, and the marketing life cycle.

Understanding the value

The first half of the 2010s  marked the commencement of social network. For people, it was an opportunity to interact with different people online. They shared unfiltered pictures and lengthy captions. It gave a glimpse of peoples’ life.

90s kids, can you recall the first post?

Have you revisited your early posts?

We are sure that those posts will showcase a writer, a photographer, a poet, an editor, an entrepreneur.

By 2020 many of you may have realized your dreams.

The second half of the 2010s  marked the commercialization of social media. Many brands embraced social network in their marketing strategies. This Marketing became an essential element in Digital Marketing and Lead Generation.

Why do companies consider Social media marketing?


Brands like Playstation, Nintendo use social media to interact with their customer. With this marketing strategy, your company creates a unique identity.

For Example- Swiggy, a food delivery App., uses interactive photos and emojis to engage with the audience.

Social Media

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Influencers help to promote your brand. They create content where the audience can have a glance at your product. With their review, you convey powerful references for your products and services. Each industry and company can use this strategy. Your audience can have a virtual look at your product.

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E-commerce uses social media planning to launch their product or any festive sale. They also use these platforms to give tribute to hard-working employees. It is an effective marketing strategy on social network. It makes employees and customers happy.

Social Media
Social Media

Customer is the King

It is no secret that social platforms are the most used mobile application. According to Statista, Global social media usage stood at 49 percent. For companies, customer review is the most important and priority task. If ignored, they will face escalation in negative reviews. Positive reviews create customer loyalty.

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Marketing Strategies for social media

Informative content

Informative content helps establish your company as an expert. If you are a journalism firm, it is essential to have updates on news and trends. Sharing information and your opinion on social network showcases the expertise industry.

Social Media

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Brands use the story format of social media for product launches, news announcements. Companies use this for engagement with their clients. Stories are informative, entertaining, and engaging.

Digital marketing trends
Marketing strategy

Content targeting

Brands design customized content for their client and users. The crafted content looks simple, engaging and helps in precise targeting. Content is in many forms, Creatives, blogs, Videos, website content, downloadable documents.

Social Network
Social Network

Video Promotion

Companies and influencers use video to create awareness in the minds of their consumers. Videos help in an announcement, product launch, product description. Video generates most user engagement in social  platforms.

Cross Channel Content.

Cross-channel content helps in diverting traffic to your website and social media. If your channel is a lifestyle; your video is on a food trial; you can utilize a video for blogs on food recipes and location exploration.

Life Cycle

Life cycle

The social media marketing life cycle starts with awareness. Steps involved in the awareness stage are awareness, engagement, and evaluation.

The second step after the awareness stage is the conversion stage, which focuses on converting the user into a customer.

And the final stage is customer care, which works on giving support and nurturing the customer after the sale.

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