Ring around Burj Khalifa

We all know, Saturn in the Solar system, has his own ring consisting small particles from micro to macro size, which gives it a stunning look. Likewise, ever imagined a moving Saturn like ring around – Burj Khalifa? Yes!!  The future is about to be unveiled in the coming years. Dubai, UAE has announced a giant 550 meters tall ring which will be surrounding to the Burj Khalifa called as Downtown Circle.

In reference to the spokespersons of Dubai, it has been confirmed that in the coming years, Dubai will experience a futuristic day as, an architecture company Znera Space, Dubai has planned construction of 550 meters ring surrounding Burj Khalifa in order to develop an overall sustainable environment.

Insight into the Downtown circle:

Burj Khalifa

These images are referred from Znera Space Instagram page. This structure is set to be propped up by five gigantic pedestals. According to the source, the ring is set to consist of livable homes as well as commercial spaces. Till today, the team of four at Zenra Space together with Nils and Najmus (director architecture), Zafar (principle architect) and Monica (creative director) have built impressive contructions all over the world. Few of the commendable structures in Dubai include Vertical Mosque, Taj Hotel, HH Tower, Central Mosque and Gate Mosque. More to that, they have also made some contributions in India having Lucknow HQ, and few of the residential projects all over the world. 

Burj Khalifa

The announcement was made from the official company’s page captioned as “ As a response to the dilemma of how to build densely while retaining live ability, the downtown circle project establishes a sustainable and a self-sufficient vertical urbanism. As a singular mega building complex, it aims to create a hyper efficient urban center that gives back to the environment The proposed 550-meter-tall mega structure offers an alternative to the singular and unconnected high-rises found in most metropolitan areas”
It has also been confirmed that, the construction of Downtown Circle is to promote the sustainable development having extremely efficient urban center to all the needs under one stop.  Downtown circle is supposed to be a five storey construction, connected with the help of green belt named Skypark. This innovative structure will also include, green land to promote ecosystems in the building. It has also been planned to include connection of rail to commute from one level to another.
Further resources from  Dubai also informed that, the concept design of the Downtown circle was initially an competition entry which was conducted by Dubai Future foundation.

Dubai, as we all know, is no wonder a bundle of skyscrapers, futuristic architecture, unlimited fun for luxury shopping. Moreover, it is the hub for business attracted by international residents. No wonder, in future we will also taste some flying cars, above the tallest skyscrapers or even the real magical Harry potter like world. It is only a matter of few moments till we enter into extremely space age world.

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