Register yourself for Hayya card and get a multiple entry tourist visa

Recently UAE announced, people attending FIFA world cup,2022 are eligible for multiple entry visa. But, how do you Register yourself for Hayya card and get a multiple entry tourist visa? We will help you to get to know the procedure. Well, earning a multiple entry tourist visa is exactly like a lucky charm. The lengthy procedures to obtain tourist or visitor visa is mostly a headache. Take look at the blog below to understand more.

What refers to Hayya card?

Few days ago, government of UAE announced that Hayya card holders are now eligible for multiple tourist visa. Hayya cards are like the government’s official ID’s which allows you to step in the state of Qatar and access the stadiums. This can be also called as travel documents supporting public transport around the city. The validity of the Hayya card starts before the two weeks before the match and ends after the final match. You shall be carrying this card along with you at everywhere you go. This provides the other person a knowledge that you are an authorised person to roam around the city.

What is multiple entry tourist visa?

Multiple entry tourist visa allows you to enter the country without following lengthy visa procedures. For UAE, if you have travelled to that country multiple times, you are eligible for multiple entry tourist visa. You can stay in the same country as long as you want only the condition is after every 90 days you shall renew your permission to stay.

How will you be benefited & procedure for the Hayya card.

For applying to Hayya card follow the below steps

1) Go to Upon opening of the screen click “Apply for Hayya”.
2) Sign in or sign up as the requirements.
3) Upon completing the necessary signing, you shall be asked to fill up some information according to the category.
4) Once followed all the procedures, you will be granted Hayya card upon eligibly.

Benefits for Haya card is once the government grant you the Hayya card, you are eligible for multiple entry tourist visa. This allows you to be an authorized person to enter the UAE area.


Whether it is a Schengen visa or tourist visa, people who travel around the world on regular basis are benefited by multiple entry tourist visa. This saves the time to apply every time for the visa and eventually wait for the approval period. More to that, you don’t know, whether your visa will be approved or denied. Investing huge money in terms of travel expenses can go to waste if a lot of efforts are made in visa approval and in actual it got denied. These things apart, UAE is providing a better opportunity to access multi entry tourist visa. Then why to wait? Apply for the tickets and Hayya card right now!

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