Are online games threat to younger generation?

Who doesn’t love to play online games? Not even teenager but also adults are wasting their time in online games. The craze of online games started when a website to play online games was launched.  It has unlimited online game base which can be played in different categories. But today, it is not only arcade or puzzle games, but it also includes shooting games as well. Therefore, the question arises are online games threat to younger generation?

What are online games?

Online game can be referred when a person plays a game using internet available on PC or mobile or tablet. Considering the older days one of the best simulation games was Club penguin, where a user would be represented as a penguin and could spend time in a online penguin world where actual players were allowed from around the world. The game was children friendly. But due to security concerns the. game was shut down in 2017. Then the world’s famous game launched called Pokémon go. It was more advanced as it included Augmented reality. Similarly, people can go to Hogwarts with Harry Potter using a simulation game called Hogwarts Mystery. All these casual games kept aside, then came PubG, a simulation game played using guns.

online games

Is there any threat to play online games?

Today the whole world is behind online games. And online games such as PubG are creating risks in everyone’s life. Teenagers can easily create account on the game channel and purchase things using parent’s money. Such games create a cruel mentality and reshapes the personality of the children. Not only Pubg but in the year 2017, there was a life taking game called Blue whale which targeted innocent people and made them take their lives. Of course, online games are threat to the markets today. Nobody knows how one individual can get stuck in digital crimes. There are more disadvantages than advantages.



We can’t stop children to play online games as their friend circle influences them more than their parents. But it is advisable to have parental control on such electronic devices to keep children away from such cruel games. The world is changing, and technology is taking part in every aspect. It has been announced that using VR and AR, a harry potter game called Hogwarts legacy will be releasing in the year 2023. People will be able to play this game using sticks. But as seen the speed of improvements in the gaming technology, parental control is lacking way behind everything.

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