Did Meta Lists 4 Ranking Signals For Video On Facebook?

Social media creators are spread all over the world. But to be honest not everyone has a huge fan base. Only few of many people are famous because they post their own ideas and others copy them. Being a influencer on social media is a great things but be informed on meaning behind Did Meta Lists 4 Ranking Signals For Video On Facebook?

Which 4 signals did meta lists for video on Facebook?

1. Loyalty from audience

Loyalty from audience can be referred as the number of times people comes and watch your videos. Being in a competitive world and having similar content creators around you it is most important that people shall come back looking for you. Even if your update of daily posting doesn’t show up on the viewer’s account, the loyalty should be at such a level that the viewer should search for your account and then watch you videos.

2.Being original

Today’s world is following each other’s copied content. If a person receives views and likes in millions then the other content creator thinks that he should be following the same video as he will also earn the same amount of view and like. Perhaps it is not real.Meta list that people love original content, rather than focusing on like and views, always upload original videos which have come out of your mind. This way, view and likes are going to be increased.

3.Retention of audience

When you know your viewer’s preferences and create the videos accordingly. Entertain them throughout the video as well as engage them, the audience will be retained forever. Retention is only possible when a person who watches your video knows that, you post regularly in original content and has the ability to entertain him.


Engaging the viewer with your content is difficult but not impossible. Just do a market research, draw a questionnaire about their preferences of entertainment, talk to people using social media and make them feel special. It way engagement increases and retention and loyalty takes place automatically.


Everyone out there today, must have a social account in which they are continuously posting videos to increase their popularity. The world is a lie! If a person posts a video the other person steals it and hides the original identity. Therefore meta list took to special mention of how to rank videos on Facebook by giving 4 signals. To have a sincere fan base and increase views and likes to gain monetary following above mentioned things is important.

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