Top 5 Instagram post ideas of 2022 to boost your account

Check out these top persuasive and engaging post ideas to boost your business.

You shared your idea with your team. Your team design a creative and write a CTA caption. Yet there is little engagement on your account. With this, you might wonder Instagram is dead, but the truth is just the opposite. Managing an Instagram account is not so simple. Gone are the times with just one post the algorithm used to increase our post reach. Its permutation and combination of timing, hashtags, engagements, and creatives for Instagram post ideas. You don’t have to bring drastic changes in the plans that are working for you, but it is always a good practice to keep updated on trends.

In this blog,

we have compiled a few fresh ideas that you can implement on your Instagram account. These ideas use various platform tools; AMA, Videos, Stories, Reels, and hashtags. Screenshot the idea that you find helpful to your digital goals.

Top 5 Instagram Post Ideas

1) Hashtags:

Challenges are always trending on the Instagram platform. You may recall the #bucketchallenge to create awareness about the consumption of water. If your post is about employee engagement with the office, you can make use of the Bingo challenge. With #tbt, you can promote your company’s growth on the platform. Your company can showcase the photos taken previously and compare them with the current times.

2) Interviews:

Instagram has the option of ask me anything. Businesses can use this feature to interact with their audience. If you are a fashion blogger, you can answer your user’s queries in the next stories. You can tag the user that has asked their query in your answer. This creates an impression of a knowledgeable and trusted individual. And you can also showcase your product. Make use of mixed content like a pre-created question Story with a casual video. At the end of it, ask followers who they think would be a good interviewee for the next feature.

3) Product Teasers:

Make use of story features such as GIFs, stickers, Draw, Text, Music to create hype about your product. If you are launching the new website, you can create questions. Plus, use 60-sec videos in stories to showcase your journey. You can add CTA to your stories and reels to divert them to your website. Reels have great viewers reach among all insta tools. And finally, a mix of stories and reels will be beneficial to your product promotion.

4) Puzzle:

This is one of the most engaging contents that makes users think before answering. This way the information is conveyed and the audience is engaged as they are curious. Create a post that delivers value to the audience. For instance, Mad Over Marketing. They educate their viewers by creating a puzzle of creative ads and at the end share the thought process of the advertisement. The best practice is to create a puzzle that reflects what your brand stands for.

5) Trending Reels:

Remember TikToks, then you are sure by now you have an idea about the next features. Reels, just like TikTok are a short video feature introduced by Instagram. It is mid between stories and IGTV. Users can upload 60sec reels that are entertaining, engaging, and informative. How you can use it? Let’s take an example. Suppose your company is a digital marketing firm. You can create content based on trends, websites, and tools. Within 60sec you can capture your audience’s interest. For instance, diet plans, workout videos, fashion trends, useful websites; and the list goes on.

That’s all, folks.

Do share in the comments section which posts ideas that deliver maximum engagement to your business.

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