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One fine evening with a cup of coffee in your hand, you like the aesthetic of your surroundings. A clear sky with shadows of trees on your table and a bit on your cup of coffee; sounds like a post for Instagram right!

But here’s a twist, 

As you are about to click, your camera stops working and the application may not support; because of Updates!

Ever wondered how applications work?

And why there are continuous updates of applications?

Read along with the blog as we explore Mobile App Development.

What is Mobile App Development?

Once you start the mobile, your screen will open with the welcome and start-up process by Google or Apple. you will land on the home screen once the set-up process completes. On the home page, there are various applications or Apps. where on one sign-in you access all your data

Mobile App Development

These applications run on a mobile operating system.

Mobile App Development is the procedure of building software that functions on mobile. The developer design framework with the basis of the operating platform.

Technopedia describes it as –

“A mobile application, referred to as an app, is a type of application software designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer.”

IBM describes it as – 

“Mobile appl development is the process of making software for smartphones and digital assistants. The software can be preinstalled on the device, downloaded from a mobile app store, or accessed through a mobile web browser.”

The developer can create custom applications catering to clients’ needs.

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Let’s explore the process of the development of mobile applications.

The Process of Mobile App Development

Your Application goes through 6 Step development Process.

Mobile App Development
  1. Ideation stage: Once you arrive at your idea, our research team will start analyzing the idea. The team will conduct S.W.O.T. analysis, market analysis, consumer pattern analysis. These analyses guide you to determine the scope and return on investment on your idea.
  2. Prototyping Stage: Next step after brainstorming, our development team works on technical aspects. Simplifying the software to make it understandable. Determining the flexibility, Value of your software, and whether the software is reusable. The technical team also works on designing a blueprint of the software. The prototype defines the basic model for your application. Prototyping involves a basic sketch, the framework, Designing a layout, and a mock application.
  3. Programing stage: After prototyping, our team works on the application coding. Front-end focus on understanding the clients’ needs and like design layout, user experience. Back-end programs and develop the software conveyed by the front-end using coding.
  4. Quality Analyst: Your application goes through a quality trial focused on user experience. Includes tests of compatibility, interface experience, security, and much more. Quality analyst inspects applications and devices.
  5. Publishing: On signal from quality analyst the application, your software gets published.
  6. Monitoring: The process does not stop at the publishing stage. with dynamic market trends, the applications need to be up to date. To be relevant in the market, the developer monitors and updates the application.

The need for Mobile App Development

  1. Problem-solving: The application developer resolves any performance issue faced by the user.
  2. Visibility: Around half of the world’s population are active mobile users. Most people use a smartphone that has access to the internet.
  3. With application development, you can create your customized business applications.
  4. Marketing and Sales channel: Various B2B like financial institutions designed an application. the applications include information, updates, and finance functions. All business activities are available in an application.
  5. Application Integration: The applications works on 2 main platforms. Both platforms need different coding languages. Android application development relies on Java and iOS uses swift. iOS requires little time for coding compared to andriod.

Mobile App Development plays a pivotal role in the current digital age. Most users are potential customers. Companies like Amazon and Google are pioneers in mobile application development.

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