Grocery shopping on WhatsApp?

Hmm?  What are we listening to – Grocery shopping on WhatsApp? Yes, this is what we also heard, and we are curious to know about it! Aren’t you also? Now a days, smartphones are helping us to ease our life. Just by sitting at we can order grocery and vegetables. A lifesaving company like Big basket invented in 2011 already made its way till 2022. 

What is Mr. Ambani and Mr. Zuckerberg planning?

Well, we heard that Jiomart run by Mr. Akash Ambani and Meta run by Mr. Zuckerberg are combining their business to enable grocery shopping on WhatsApp. Jiomart was initially launched in the year 2020 starting its business with mere chat-customer service. Few months ago, WhatsApp owned by Meta has already rolled out inbuilt payment option. Just like google play, people are now able to pay through WhatsApp.

As for the case of big basket, they sell everything under one roof. You can buy any kind of snacks, dal, vegetables, milk, juice carbonated drinks and even nonalcoholic beer. Moreover, dog and cat food are also available. During the pandemic year, big basket was the only source to buy the food when no one was allowed to step outside. Today, it is confirmed that, Whatsapp and Jio mart will have a chat- built online shopping experience.
Even few days ago, Meta announced the ultra-version of metaverse. Considering this, may be WhatsApp will also introduce live avatars which can be set as display pictures, isn’t that cool?


To be honest, the technology is advancing and making the life easier. But everything has its special features, where google play helps in online payments, Facebook helps to connect with the people online, and WhatsApp supports free messaging services. But let us ask you a question, what do you think, when big companies ae merging with each other and original sense of the application is lost? Is it okay if anyone merges similar technologies together but merging two different purposed applications to ease the life? What do you think about this?

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