Google announced the custom conversion value for online business

Digital marketing has enable the eCommerce business, allowing all types of businesses to sell their goods/services online. But competition is tough, there are many similar production companies producing exact replica of the product and selling those online at a cheaper rate. SEO analytics are helping such struggling companies to gain more business. Take a look at the below article to know more.

What is custom conversion values?

When you get a lead for the product or service you have offered, you convince the individual to purchase it. That is what meant by converting the lead into a sale. Till today, a random conversion number was possible to understand the and measure the expected sale made through Google Ads. But recently, google announced that, you will be able to know the custom conversion value counting into total of all the advertisements over the various conversions. It is also possible to measure the high valued conversions with this feature. It would be also easy to understand the prospective yet confirmed conversions after the update has rolled out.

What are the benefits of custom conversion value?

  • Once these values are assigned they can provide a in depth and improved insight into all of your advertising campaigns.



  • As we all know, competition is tough and we need to strive hard in order to increase the sale. Google is one of the best tool today to conduct advertising and marketing campaigns. But do you know, if the person who clicked on your website and filled the form using gated content will be a prospective sale or not? There are so many people out there and in reality without the technology it is impossible to count on any numbers. Therefore, Google will be soon rolling out the custom conversable value for online business to help companies grow more.

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