Futuristic city: Dubai Expo city

Dubai is a city of dreams. It has the extremely advanced infrastructure. Burj Khalifa is one of the mostly viewed structure by the international tourist. Most of the infrastructure Dubai has, is a skyscraper. Not limiting to current situation, Dubai Expo in 2020 announced the new ultramodern, environmentally friendly and technology driven smart city. Expo City Dubai is always introducing new conceptual building to create awareness in terms of smart city.

About the concept

Dubai expo city

This is the city plan taken from Dubai Expo 2020’s official website.  This smart city is a home to SME’s, new scale industries or even the headquarters. The city is equipped with cloud technology allowing it to be an efficient in saving natural resources as well as the environment. It will focus on car free zones where eco-friendly vehicles such as bicycle are allowed under the premises. The above photo is developed in such a way that we can easily understand the structure of the upcoming smart city. The whole concept was announced in 2020 during the Dubai expo. Dubai expo city is divided into six parts, where they named as,  Mobility district, Opportunity district, Jubilee Expo 2020 district, Expo village, Al Forsan district and last but not the least Suitability district. Each district presents the features as the name suggest.  Actually, the construction was stated in the year 2016, but looking at the ultramodern plan it faced many problems while executing. Currently, the project is handled by developers Dubai Holding and Dubai South properties. Dubai Expo is supposed to open for public on 1st October where it will charge Dh50 per head as a entry fee.


To be honest, building smart cities is one of the greatest step towards acknowledging the economical concept. Such projects are a base to safer future ahead of us. It will not only be beneficial as economical but also environmental importance will be spread out. Other countries should also take into consideration such possibilities to save mother earth. Futuristic city: Expo City dubai, till today is one of the best infrastructure idol for other contries.

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