Experience a no way out in Horror Cinema Dubai

Have you ever been to escape rooms before? One of our friends went to Horror Cinema Dubai last weekend. And guess what! The experience was heart pounding! A playtime with family, friends or even office people can be a great way by Experience a no way out in Horror Cinema in Dubai unless you are master at escaping room. But it is an advisory warning that if you have any health symptoms which can affect because of such environment don’t even think of going there.

What is Horror Cinema in Dubai?

Located at Indigo Sky building – Umm Al Sheif – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, Horror Cinema is a company which allows you to spend time with friends and family in scary environment. There are escape rooms in which, with the help of visuals, sensors, motions effects and live actors the experience is made just like a movie. It is as if you have taken a part in the scary movie. Not limited to this they also offer scary birthday parties, and other corporate related parties at minimum cost. They have 6 different rooms(such as IT, silent place, hotel room, living room, insidious and hospital) to play at, having multiple players access to the each team. Moreover, people of underage 18, are allowed to play in these rooms but must be accompanied by the adults during the session. The booking can be done for the following schedule using their official website at horrorrooms.ae, Monday to Thursday: 1pm to 2am. And Friday to Sunday: 10 am to 3am.


When you are bored and want to do something adventurous plus scary, do not forget to visit the above website. Every game at room is time limited, if you can find the escape you lose. Appropriate safety measures are available at the location. But we urge one more time, if you have a strong heart then only go ahead with such games. Do not take any risks in your life! Moreover, this is just a game and not a real life experience.  

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