Dubai’s success behind Qatar world cup 2022

Qatar world cup is around the corner and people are finally letting a sigh of relief after two full years of lockdown. The FIFA world cup is scheduled from 20th November to 18th December in Qatar. Tickets are about to be fully booked and at the same time UAE announced the most exciting news for all the travelers. But is this all the reason for Dubai’s success behind Qatar world Cup 2022? Let’s see what we have in a plate in front of us!

Qatar world cup

What is Dubai’s success behind Qatar world cup 2022

  • UAE recently announced a multi-entry visa for all Hayya card holders having access to FIFA world cup 2022.
  • On 1st of September Dubai reopened its Expo city, providing entry to ultramodern and environmentally friendly city.
  • Football fans are entering Dubai a month before to enjoy long holiday
  • Many hotels and restaurants are full all day and night long
  • Hotel prices are soaring high but yet budget friendly to international travelers
  • According to reports Dubai experienced the highest ever rise in the travelers resulting to 8.1 million tourists in the first half of 2022.
  • Records say that this is a 184% rise in the visitors compared to the previous years.
  • Increased number of flights to Dubai for all international travelers


Why are you still waiting to book your ticket? We have already booked ours and going to Dubai next month to watch  world cup 2022! You will also get a multi entry visa provided with the conditions. Don’t you feel like having a time of your life in Dubai? Well, all things apart, the above reasons are helping Dubai to soar high! Be a part Qatar World cup this year and live again those lost two years of pandemic!

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