Defining source type for SERP

Digital marketing since invented with technology has many more aspects which are helpful to e-business. E business is providing n number of opportunities to reach markets. There’s SEO analysis which has more benefits along with digital marketing. SERP is a backend process for such type of activity. But what is Defining source type for SERP? Read the blog further to know more.

What is Source type and SERP?

SERP: Search engine results page (SERP) can be referred as the response page which appears on the screen after a user submits his form/ question or anything on the website. Positioning SEO ranking on SERP can be useful in terms of competitive environment. In such case keyword plays the lead role as Google analyzes all the website and shows only the results which perfectly match with the user’s requirement. SERP can be of various types.

Source type: As the name suggests, source type means the source by which the website is going to be ranked. For instance, Then the strategy while selecting the source type and keywords will be more advanced to match the requirements. Whereas, using other source type various strategies and planning will be implemented.

How do you define source type for SERP?

While defining source types, it should be taken into the mind that, the exact same keyword is being used by other pages also. Even though, if a company has relevant keyword similar to other company, it shall not gain any ranking on the first page unless being unique.


Using keywords, SEO analysis, ranking the websites is necessary to land on a successful business platform. Just like the competition is hyper in offline market, online market has the same level of competition but in a wider sense. The e-business include international companies, everyone fighting to rank on the first number. In all of these companies with best product or service may lose the ranking if wrong way of SEO is used. Therefore, it is necessary to define a perfect source type and SERP for better results.

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