How different are content creators from content marketers?

In the world of corporate, what differs creators from a marketer? Read along to find out more.

If you are into the corporate world, you may have at some point wondered what do managers do. While you create documents, pdf, ppt presentations, or even work to develop an app. Content marketers take one look and finalize ways to market it. Sounds easy, right? Let us ask managers, shall we? Managers, You may have also wondered what your employees exactly do in these 9 hours. Well, today’s blog is dedicated to solving this puzzle. Content Creators and Content Marketers, we will try to address many of your queries in this blog.

Let’s first start with creators.

Creators or makers are the individuals who contribute to the project with a specific skill set. For instance, a graphic designer, video producer, developer, content writer. The positions require allotting specific schedules and a flexible approach. Makers require a long schedule to collect, categorize and create a document file, presentation, or a creative. Hence, there is a lot of editing involved in the project.

Trello simplifies this concept:

Long: Makers have to block out time to get “in the zone.” Research shows it takes as long as 30 minutes for creators to hit that sweet spot of flow where things really happen.

Uninterrupted: This is the game-changer. No phone notifications.  Nothing but the sheer pleasure of a cup of coffee and an empty screen.

Stretches: Creators may need over one in a day. For some people, the key is something like the Pomodoro technique, which drives you through multiple short stretches of time delegated to certain tasks.

When there is an unexpected meeting, it leads to breaking the flow for the creators. They find it difficult to re-link themselves with the content they created. Thus, they may have to duplicate their tasks, which itself is an enormous task. It leads to a wastage of time and a decrease in quality content. Creativity is a skill that requires constant practice and patience.

For Content Marketers,

Content marketing focuses on the ways the content is distributed and published in the market. In the digital world, people engage in different platforms simultaneously. The user who is watching videos about new product releases is also reading a blog about current affairs. Additionally, engaging with reels on Instagram. The users are dynamic, with a low attention span. To capture the user’s interests, It is essential to have knowledge about where users are engaging, and updates of the platform they are interacting with.

The focus of content marketing is to persuade the user to take the action.

According to Brand mind,

A content marketer is a professional who markets the brand’s product through content.

The content marketer plans, create, and share valuable content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers. It’s also the content marketer’s job to analyze content-driven results and calculate ROI.

The creator’s mind is focused on stuff, creativity, and design. And, marketers’ mind is focused on people and profits.

On an end note, we would like to Ben Green from Oktopost,

To put it simply, content creation is content that is valuable and engaging to your audience. Content marketing is the distribution of your content to increase visibility and audience engagement. Think of content creation as writing in a journal, whereas content marketing is getting that journal entry published in the New York Times.

So, there it is. What is your aspiration? Are you a creative person looking to create something and get happiness from your creation? Or do you have expertise in reading and analyzing people? It is not a secret that both of them are equally necessary for the business. And, these both profiles play an important role.

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