Can I still opt for a Career in SEO?

The time when there was no digital marketing but only traditional marketing methods which required offline hard work to advertise a product or service is now an out-dated thing. Because of digital marketing and SEO analytics, it has become easy to reach in every corner of the world. But the question is, can I still opt for a career in SEO without having prior knowledge or degree? The answer is yes! Of course you can do it. Read the blog below to know more.

What is required to start a career in SEO?

Do you know what is required to start a career in SEO? P.A.S.S.I.O.N! Right! Only passion is required to be a SEO expert. SEO experts need to do the most challenging job from maintaining a website to ranking them on top to beat the competitors. They use analytics to rank the websites but this is not the one time process. For each blog, video or article you post, it requires separate analytics to rank those things. In simple words, if you search something on Google, and whatever you see on the first link is managed by SEO experts. SEO process begins from understanding the objective of the post then assessing and planning the strategy for content and at last till executing it for further measuring purposes. An important point which need to be kept in the mind that, SEO results are slow and therefore a lot of patience while working on it is necessary.
Other than these things, a basic understanding of HTML and CSS language adding to critical, analytical and research skills are necessary to land in a career in SEO.  An average SEO expert can earn up to $70,000 per annum salary in an international environment.


Few years ago, when IT was the only career choice for every youngster out there, wouldn’t have ever imagined to digital marketing taking place in top 10 in demand skills list this year. To be honest pandemic of 2020 made digital marketing to boom. India becoming strongest in every sector has opened many job opportunities for everyone out there. Excelsior Research Pvt Ltd is one of the best companies to start an SEO expert career. They strongly believe in skills rather than experiences. If you are looking out for any career opportunities in SEO don’t forget to contact us!

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