Best Business Ideas by the Pitchers On Shark Tank India

Pitchers On Shark Tank India

A collection of the best innovative tech ideas by the pitchers on Shark Tank India.

A futuristic car, Auto-leveling of roads, smart helmet and so much more. The Shark tank is filled with out-of-box ideas of the pitchers on Shark Tank India that have taken part in the show. Wait, we are not bluffing. It’s true, the future is here.

While we were kids, we romanced about a futuristic world. And cinema arts did a commendable job of developing curiosity in the minds of children. Remember Flying cars? guess what! they are here. Jet pack from GTA, checked. Robotics, checked. A virtual world where we live as our character. Yes, even that is possible now.

Technology is developing at an incredible speed. Machine learning has made it possible to design a driverless car. This IoT technology and machine learning-enabled cars cover up to 262 miles in a single charge. To bring such an idea into fruition, a unique pitcher is necessary who believes in their vision.

So here are 5 such unique pitchers of Shark Tank India to look out for:

5 Pitchers ideas on Shark Tank India are:
1) Road Bounce:

Ranjeet’s envisioned Road Bounce is a project that measures the metric of bad roads. That is; potholes, bumpers, cracks. As users engage with the app, the data is generated live time information. Further, it provides the user with current traffic road conditions.

Pitchers On Shark Tank India
2) Annie, ThinkerBell Labs:

Developed by Aman, Dilip, Sanskriti, and Saif. Their vision is to develop a self-learning remote enabled and Braille literacy device. They are true to their motto of tech for good cause. The device can produce the sound in a friendly manner and teaches braille in the mother tongue of different regions. Additionally, By using this machine one can learn reading, writing, typing, and vocabulary. Finally, This device helps in cognitive development.

Pitchers On Shark Tank India
3) Loka:

Krishnan Sundararajan realized the problem of technology. That is people are attached to tech and detached from reality. The solution to this is technology only. Thus, he developed Loka. It is India’s first metaverse app that gives a real-time, real place experience By a third-party app. The users can get a digital avatar and can enjoy the environment of different places, talk to the people over there. They can go to nearby places, can go shopping in Flipkart or myntra which directly opens in the app.

Pitchers On Shark Tank India
4) Altor:

This idea originated when 4 friends; Bilal Shakil, Sayan Tapadar, Shamik Guha, Anirban Gupta, lost their friend to an accident. India’s 1st range headgears, an attempt to prevent and detect accidents. When a user meets with an accident, the accident detection technology installed in the helmets detects it. And, with the last known detection sends a message to the emergency contacts. This tech will ensure millions of users reach home safely.

Pitchers On Shark Tank India
5) Motion Breeze:

It is an electric bike that uses nature and technology. It is the first adaptive smart electric bike. This bike has a speed of 180km/hour with 6 seconds increase in speed. Also, have a capacity of 250km in a single charge. Avantraj Tomar, Shivraj Tomar, Kartikeya developed the bike with 4 modes. That is sport, commute, cruiser, scrambler. Finally, The two important factors in a bike are agronomics and performance. This bike has settings that can adjust both of these as per the riders’ needs and comfort.

Pitchers On Shark Tank India

And that’s a wrap. Have we missed something?

Which idea of pitchers would you refer to us?

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