benefits of establishing an India pavilion for Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai Expo is just around the corner; in fact, tomorrow 1 October 2021 is the opening ceremony of the Dubai expo. Dubai expo 2020 is the most challenging project in the UAE.

Built near the Al Maktoum International Airport, you can reach the site via:

  • metro from Dubai city to the entrance,
  • Expo rider and RTA busses to transport you to the expo from Dubai or anywhere from the emirates,
  • You can hire a taxi via Careem, Uber, or S’hail app, if you want to hire an affordable taxi then careem has the option. And finally a car, Dubai expo can be accessed from all major roads.

Expo 2020 is going to be a centralized location that will address the challenges faced by global communities, such as Climate change, economic growth, and environmental sustainability;  through events, seminars, conferences, and present the latest innovative technologies.

The prime focus of the Dubai expo is going to be ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future.’ which is this year’s theme of the Dubai expo. The theme is further subdivided into Mobility, sustainability, and opportunity has been assigned to each country. Total 190+ countries are going to participate in the expo.

Each and every country have designed and constructed their own pavilion that concentrates on the theme allotted to them. In today’s blog, we will explore the concept of the pavilion and the relevance of India’s pavilion in the Dubai expo 2020.

Dubai Expo
Dubai Expo

Overview of pavilions

Pavilions are the subsidiary buildings constructed attached to the main building, used for shelter, concerts, conferences, seminars. Each country participant is assigned a theme that they adhere to while constructing the pavilion. In their respective pavilion, the countries exhibit technological innovations, cultures, traditions, and build a positive identity.

Expo creates a miniature world that is a replica of the current real-world and gives an idea about future cities and their citizens.

India Pavilion

Moving Facade

Located Al Fosan Park is adjacent to the ‘Opportunity’ district. India pavilion is a 4 storey structure that will depict cultural diversity, achievements, new edge technologies, and ancient treasures. The outer facade of the buildings is made with 600 individual blocks that use the kinetic architecture of mosaic of rotating panels.

During the day the facade will display different patterns to celebrate 75 years of independence and each week these pattens will take stories from 25 sub-themes allotted into the expo. In the evenings the facade will turn into a vibrant event.

Dubai Expo

Pavilion inclusions:

As you enter the pavilion, you will be joined with starry night; the space room will have 75 years of India’s journey into space along with a LED screen globe then followed by a yoga exhibit then terrarium which will focus on ayurveda. You will also enjoy open theatre, shops.

  • 1st floors– The first floor will concentrate on India’s vibrant colors, the exhibit projections displaying Cinema, Artforms. After exiting you will enter State pavilions.
  • 2nd floor: On the second floor you will observe India’s bilateral partnership with UAE and the possibilities that the partnership will open up in near future and exiting this room will lead to a sector pavilion.
  • 3rd Floor: The third floor will be lead by dynamic Corporate India.

India Pavillion will also conduct conferences, movies, cultural programs, food festivals, workshops, debates, and B2B meetings. India will take this opportunity to showcase the grit of Indians fighting against the covid 19 and innovations created during pandemic times

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